Davidson County, TN, Probate Court Judge


Probate Judge History

Judge James Everett

  • Murdered on October 7, 1995 from a non self-inflicted gunshot wound. 
  • Body found at the top of a boat ramp on Cumberland River in Davidson County (4753 Old Hydes Ferry Pike). 
  • Judge Everett had recently come under a federal grand jury investigation.
  • Some people say he scammed conservatorships, too.

Judge Frank Clement

                            Judge Frank Clement
  • Now on the Court of Appeals
  • Beth Boone used to clerk for him. 
  • His son-in-law, David Callahan, now a major player in the Kennedy court.  

Judge Randy Kennedy

  • Friend of Jimmy Lewis, according to others' printed statements. 
  • Former high school rock-n-roller with band "Purple Haze".  Now eats soul food for lunch at restaurant "Purple Heys" on 3rd Ave. S. 
  • Only lawyers contributed to his unopposed election campaign of 2006.  Some of the bigger donors - Paul Housch and the law firm of Branstetter, Stranch, & Jennings
  • Emotionally oversensitive.  Is offended by any pro se litigant coming into his courtroom.  He interprets that as being disrespectful.
  • Used to be on Metro Council with people like Dianne Neighbors.
  • Lawyers in his courtroom are generally sycophants.
  • Runs probate racket.