Davidson County, TN, Probate Court Judge



Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee

      Sen. Mae Beavers is chariman of the Tennessee Senate judiciary committee                   
      Mae Beavers                  Mike Bell               Doug Overbey

Tennessee House Judiciary Committee

    Eric Watson is the chairman of the House judiciary committee in Tennessee                       
      Eric Watson                Jim Coley                Vance Dennis

These committee members hold leadership positions in the judiciary.  Rep. Dennis seems to have the most educated legal mind of all of them.  None of them believe it is their responsibility to remove judges from office. 

In the 1970's the TN judiciary committee basically violated the TN Constitution when it setup the COJ (Court of the Judiciary) to discipline judges.  They shoved the power over to the judicial branch of government, shirking their Constitutional responsibility and making for an easily foreseeable whitewash panel to allow gangsters like Kennedy free reign to steal.

Consequently, judges and businessmen join the CIA in drug-running activities, and mayors join their former college roommates who become presidents in mind control and spying.  Perhaps that is why the online newspaper The Daily Beast ranked Tennessee as the NUMBER ONE most corrupt state in the country. 

The Daily Beast ranks Tennessee as the most corrupt state in the country.

Whatever you do, DO NOT MOVE TO TENNESSEE.

It is the WORST state in the country to live in.