Davidson County, TN, Probate Court Judge


Won't Stop a Female Serial Incapacitator

(now murderer)

Judge Randy Kennedy

(Case# 06P-1603)

Allows serious felony crimes to continue:

1) False imprisonment      (isolate)
2) Aggravated assault      (medicate)
3) Conversion of assets   (liquidate)

Tacitly participates with lawyers in his court to liquidate ward's estate in order to enrich the attorneys and to spite me, the petitioner.  Ruled that the respondent was incompetent solely to prevent me from withdrawing the petition when my first withdrawal was procedurally deficient (didn't notarize affidavit of service). Respondent was not incompetenet at that time, and the court didn't have sufficient evidence that he was.

He jailed me for 330 days for not abiding by his illegal order to shutdown my first website.  Illegally ordered me not to use my father's name or his wife's name by email or by internet (it was finally overturned).  That had the effect of covering up these crimes, perpetrated by a female serial incapacitator/murderer whose first two husbands are dead. 

She's an Episcopal priest.  Her second husband lived the last five years of his life in a nursing home after he had a stroke around 60 years of age.  She abandoned him at this time, and she called his children and told them to send a plane ticket for him to go back to live with them. 
I know the victim is being poisoned with the drugs scopolamine and diphenhydramine. 

The memory-wasting effects of scopolamine simulates Alzheimer's symptoms, and the victim is presented as an AD patient.  He, and possibly other victims, is housed at an exclusive retirement home that has an AD facility. 

Nothing has been conserved in this case but the lawyers' corrupt egos and their freedom to commit crimes under the aegis of judicial power. 

The victim has a large income - $18,000 per month, but his attorney,
June House
, proposed a property management plan that spends $22,000 per month!  And Kennedy ruled that his 35-year Davidson County residence be sold to feed this "management" monster. 

The victim has been held against his will for four (4) years on an island (St. Simons Island, GA).  He is a victim of the most prominent criminal network in Georgia's history (called The Family).  It consists of Episcopal priests, lawyers, judges, Sea Island Co. executives, and paid-off policemen. 

Family member, Dr. Scott Clay
took away his driver's license.  Another member, Glynn County Superior Court Judge Scarlett took away my right to communicate with him or to even be in the county in which this island is located.  That's after he jailed me for three months on trumped-up charges of aggravated stalking. 

Fortunately, other powers-that-be declined to prosecute me, so he had to let me go.

In the meantime, stress ages the victim's wife due to the fear that she will be arrested, which she will be